Exklusiv: Stoi…Stadt München mit Offenem Brief an Gästefans

Munich is not Germany

Szene Deutschland / International

Dear Chelsea-Fans,
Serv… Welcome to the City of Munich and the UEFA Champions League Final 2012. Just a few words before the great match on Saturday.
First of all we have to explain, that Munich is not Germany. It is the capital of Bavaria. Here we don’t like problems, we like “Prosit”, especially of “Gemütlichkeit”. Or, in other words: if somebody causes problems, our police can get – unlike in Germany – very “ungemütlich”. Yet we accept the rules of Fairplay. So to say: we treat every creature mady by Ratz… God like the other. That includes human beings, animals and football fans, too. Therefore, our former president, Mr. Edmund Stoiber, explained some years ago our categories. Just set in the word “Fan” instead of “Bär”, then you will quickly understand the rules here in our beautiful Bavaria. Or, in other words: if you decide to act like a “Normalfan” or even a “Schadfan”, you won’t be damaged at all.
And don’t forget: we in Bavaria love our “Gemütlichkeit”, beer – and the strict use of OUR laws…understand?
Pfia… Go ho… with God!”

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